— Who We Are

Our mission is to provide quality, innovative, and complete lifecycle IT solutions.

The Coral Edge is a full-service technical consulting company.

Founded in 2007, The Coral Edge offers business and technical strategy consulting as well as delivering cloud-based, mobile and integration solutions. Our aim is to provide quality, innovative, complete lifecycle solutions and services that add exceptional value and insight to our clients and their projects.

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Our Philosophy

All of our business interactions are built on relationships, ingenuity, and excellence.

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Our Services

Utilizing our decades of global experience, we deliver cloud-based, mobile and integration solutions to streamline and automate business and technical processes that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of companies and their employees, while enhancing their customer-facing interactions…

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Our experience covers a variety of industries world-wide.

Our clients represent a variety of industries and range in size from startups pursuing Series A and Series B funding, to Fortune 100 companies.

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